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update part 2! night and day…

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night: bleh. more sleep please!
day: busy busy busy =) >.<

t’other day I watched some cary grant movies lent to be by pretty Thrifty and did cross stitch! :

smiley sunshine! hoever, I did the sewing on to some hessian(?) which I planned to paint and sew and stitch items for an art journal page =P so, just wont paint on that bit šŸ˜‰ i couldnt resist! the embroidery silks used for paper brooches were taunting me as I fidgited through the movie!

On Wednesday, in the place of singing, there were deep talk and tears. I wanted to make something for the singing teachers recovering friend! So more about that later, but in order….

So after talking, I had time to burn until my afternoon workshop or sewing machine, so I wandered around alllll of the charity shops! And there are lots of them!

In one shop I bought these books *hugs them*

Okayy so I already have the Count of Monte Cristo as a boooooooooooring looking two in one book, but there are old and smell nice and look lovely!

and the old pages! sniff them! go on!
Frankly, If you’re creative and you don’t sniff books, then you’re SO weird. And I’m not sure I’ll ever want to go book or paper shopping with you!

I also charity shop spied a gem: sari silk!

I even love the back of it!

here’s the front though, for you picky lot:

I also looked through the baby clothes to see about potential bits of fabric that i might want to sew on to my cushion and realised something that troubles me… Why are so many of you dressing your babies in Monsoon clothing!? I dont wear monsoon! Buy monsoon for ME! babies poo and throw up in their monsoon clothes and grow out of it after a week- I havent grown sice I was 14! So ahem, i bought myself a couple of dresses:

Mum and Dee (Pretty Thrifty) said they liked my pink dress (first pink dress I’ve had since I was 10?) Pete and Kiera didnt say anything about it, and when I told Kyla I’d bought a pink and orange dress she said “hmm, interesting”… but she wears blue, purple and black.

SO, on to sewing machine workshop, this is what I did:

these lacey bits might be involved too:

nowm off to do some more making…


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October 10, 2010 at 10:50 pm

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