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Update 3 (last of the week!)

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Okay, so singing was cancelled because the teacher’s friend, who lives in a lovely part of Brighton, was attacked because of mistaken identity, we were all angry and the teacher was understandably teary. This man may have not got very long in prison and the lovely lady’s trauma may have lasted longer than his sentence, however, after handing himself in he stabbed a police man. So now he’s likely to get a life sentence.

It’s times like these that we pick faults with how everything that involves ‘how things work: That a possibly mentally ill person wasn’t cared for.  That he wouldn’t have had a “suitably” long enough sentence for stabbing a person repeatedly , but stabbing a police officer once got him a much larger sentence. Both of these people will have trouble for years or decades (possibly) dealing with trauma as well as physical problems and the man that harmed them may never get the help he requires. Will her friend still have sight in her right eye, will she have nerve damage in her face, arm and hand? She uses her right hand to hold a walking stick because at 44 she’s prematurely arthritic. These are stong, wonderful people, and maybe the ‘bad guy’ once was too. It seems they’ve been failed in various ways.

Also, maybe it feels a bit out of date? That an attack on a police officer would be considered an attack on all police officers and so would be sentenced as such, rather than being sentenced as an attack on one person. Could an attack on a woman be considered an attack on all women?

Nope. Though it seems that they’re made to be victims more often than officers and that the number of women attacked should be lowered and the sentence lengthened… please Santa?

Also Santa, less news articles about binge drinking. And less about male celebrities sending phone pictures of their doodahs to women and footballers “doing” or not doing loose knickered women, it seems I’ve heard these bed time stories over and over for years and years.

Soooo Wednesday, we instead chatted for a little while about what books she and her friend might read to try help- books about people who have suffered trauma and used various ideas and methods to improve how they feel and the troublesome situations they may face, like flashbacks, nightmares and needing to avoid situations, places and being alone with people they dont know.

Soooo, I was having moment of ouchyness in my head, thinking about things so thursday night to the wee hours of saturday I made this… umm… my first attempt at a quilty thing, inspired by Pretty Thrifty’s embellishing, I’m still pretty new with machines sooo be nice =P

PrettyThrifty gave me the gold thread (luurve it!) some scraps, biiiiiig pieces and that amazing blue and pink lace with the stitching on it! Other bits are from a big bag of scraps that were found in an old studio at The Art Org.

Other scraps are what I bought the other day with Pretty Thrifty!

I think I want to embellish more yet and hand sew too? and I havent yet put the bottom bit or the middle in yet to make it a quilt.

Also, my first try (and) I accidentally left a bit out:

oooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooopps! Never mind. pssh. I kept getting confuzzled about what strips I’d completed and must have lost this one amongst the strips of fabric before I could finish and attatch them all.

Maybe it will be a quilt or maybe it’ll just be an odd, nice display pillow case, something to touch and hug and think happy thoughts that, as Ms Thrifty said, “One stranger did something awful, another stranger did something nice.”

Soooooooooooooooooo, something more lighthearted:

Anyone else think this… that on a sunshiney weekday afternoon, when everyone gets off the tram and walks towards the cars in the picking-up sections, it looks like when kids leave after the school day and they’re being picked up by their waiting parents in cars or by the school gate… Including a tall beardy, uniformed, off-duty tram conductor who climbed (squatted, really) in to the car of someone who looked to be his mum! She was wrinkled and wearing a headscarf. It was lovely =)


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October 10, 2010 at 11:50 pm

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  1. ooh, like! very you, as well…
    fantabulous first quilt top – better get you some wadding,eh?


    October 14, 2010 at 8:41 pm

  2. what’s wadding? got a fleecey blanket today for friend’s baby blanket and for putting behind the quilt (like as sandwich filling) was thinking would do it so that it could double as a pillow case


    October 14, 2010 at 10:03 pm

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