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TA-DA! part 1 of update

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I return after a while of blog neglect! Why the neglect? Because the ant that runs on a wheel to make my intenet work has 5 broken legs. So now he has to hop! and waiting for things to load it like watching paint dry for 5 hours.

*ahem*… let it gooo let it go….

sooo, last monday,

my scrapbewk!:

this ain’t a great picture by scrapbookers standards I suppose, however, this is a picture of Oakley Court Hotel from back in the days when my sis, Michaela and her hubby, Michael worked at Moat House Hotel.

Oakley Court is where they filmed Rocky Horror and a few Dracula films and we are deffo Rocky Horror fans… me and Kyla (Michaela) ran up the staircase and in to the time warp room… haha!

See Kyla and Mickle? Yup, he’s holding a carrierbag… I told you it wasn’t a scrabooker-style photograph!

“You’re wet. I think you better both come inside…”

Annddd the first scrapbook page I didn’t get to complete in the first lesson:

A closer look at the raggamuffins…

L-R: meeeeeeeeeee at NINEyears old!, Cherish (my niece, also nine), Collette (eight), Kurtis (5 or 4 years old), Tiffany (my math runs out now but she’s/was the baby) and Heather (1 or 2 at most), doggy: my aunt Carol’s dog, Princess, Precious or Dutchess.

Marisha and our Mum on our old, cushy sofa! ‘Risha holding her baby Cherish, Mum holding me. Cherish and I were born two and a half weeks apart! Marisha was a young mum, and she looks so much like Collette when she was that age and also with her first baby.

Collette’s pregnant again! Babby number three on the way! Time to prepare a bazillion baby items *sigh* so many rabbits and pink, blue, green and yellow decisions *hides*

p.s. I gots a big baby head havent I!?

T’other monday class:

the Richardson House! Our trailing plants, flowers and chalk drawings on the pavement! and down below you might be able to see a dragon fly or two that visit in summer

mum and dad’s names in the right order, (michael’s tooo), but us lots names all mixed up because we have odd names anyways.

I did the brown spottiesbecause it makes me think if bees? not sure why. But yes! And there’s a nest somwhere in your neighbours roof and these HUUUUUGE bees or wasps (big fat ones!) come to visit our flowers.

Trees because of our fruit trees! And the climbing, stunts, swings, slidey contraptions stefan used to make going from tree to tree. *smile* good times. a D.I.Y harness and holding on to a leather belt wrapped around some rope that runs from tree to tree kept my brother very happy pretending he was in an adventure movie as a teen. And ladders came in useful when he had to go up the apple tree to bring down our (stuck) Katie and Gemonie cats =D Katie was one of Gemonie’s kittens that we kept and got hit by a car… but, on a lighter note, Gemonie lived on until she died of old age a year or two ago! She was 22 and sooo lovely!

Soooo, the gesso background flowers are for all the flowers and butterfly plants set on our pets graves. My parents/our family have lived there a lonnggg time so there are 4 dogs, three cats, lotttttttsss of gold fish, guppies, neon tetras (YES! I buried my dead fish!), my hamster Jazz, stefans two snakes and two of his turantulas! The REAL Pet Cemetary (but without all the gruesome horror movie stuff).

THREE birds for my (for now) grand-nieces and nephew, Sarah- May, Katie and Elias.

FIVE birds on the other side
for Chez, Ket, Kurt, Heather and Tiff, the niece and nephew raggamuffins.

The Bird as People idea I nicked from Claire, our teachererer type person- she has a bird depicting each of her family too!

Nooowww, i’m not in this class but we do scrapbooks and singing in this room, look what pictures the people who do the Chinese Painting Workshops left for us!

Right, off to do the next update!


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October 10, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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