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Pictures!? Where are the pictures!?

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I’ve misplaced my photo uploader (common occurrence, don’t worry) so I havent any pictures to show you, but I am quite excited! And you know what I’m like, I have a lot to show you, like a child running home from school with a drawing of my hand, a finger painting and a scraped knee and yelling “mum, look!”

So I’ve searched and searched and got another one from ebay, it’s only a matter of time of its arrival! [edit: i found one that my brother lent to me in 2006]

So, until then, what have I been up to?

First singing class- it’s lovely with under tones of relaxation, detoxing, vocal and funny face warm ups!

Facial Warm Ups (I SWEAR i’ll upload pics of me pulling these faces!):

Breathing: in for 8 seconds (1 elephant 2 elephant…) though a fellow student admits to using a method of “1 heffalump, 2 heffalump, three heffalump…” which is LOVELY!

Nostril breathing: … well… i’ll need a picture to explain this… yup.

Tongue twisters (involves pulling faces at the same time): “All I want is a proper cuppa coffee, made in a proper copper coffee pot” (it’s tooooo hard!)

Meditation: om mani padme/ penme (tibetan) hum (i really liked this!)

and a quote “the mind is mental torture”, i can’t remember who she said said this, but I agree that it sometimes is, and so the “om mani penme him thing” is lovely!

At my first Sewing for beginners class:
The teacher, Ali’, admits that last week this was the Free Machining Class… which had three students, so got turned in to this class, which has 6 of us, and until yesterday 5 of us knew nothing about free machining, which explains why her class was half-full!

In machine for beginners we learned about our machine and learned about darning! I have picture of this too!

Next week in class we’ll be making a template for making an envelope cushion and possibly be embellishing our front panel using applique and darning!

Coming home last night I got lost (me + buses – light = me accidentally getting on the wrong bus and not knowing where I am when I get off) So, after walking from near bulwell forest to moore bridge and while waiting for a tram I found… a newt! I have pictures of that too… it’s adorable! So i got home just 1 hour and 45ish mins after I left class!

In other news; today I didn’t go to counselling because I was so sleepy and had too much in my head!

ALSO today I’ve… agreed to go on holiday with my sister for a week in autumn (I’ll miss week 4 in sewing machine skills: reversible bag with pocket! *sobs* someone stop time for a week for me?! I have bag addiction!) we’ll be going to Norwich where there are lotsa museums, a model village (Kyla said, “Wellll, we don’t want to go to that…” What!?! Yes I do!! It’s my only oppurtunity to be taller than a building!), we’re going to rent a boat between the three of us for an hour or two and I’m dragging them to a place where a bit of Stardust was filmed… mwhahahaha! and Mick can drag us to a maritime museum, a RAF museum… actually, there are 5 or 6 he’ll be interested in… eek! ;0)

So, when I have my camera uploady magic box I’ll upload a pic or two or the pretty fabrics I got when out and aboot with pretty-thrifty Dee and of the funny faces we pull at singing =)

Tomorrow: Sewing machine for improvers! And a trip to order a bazillion books from sherewood library. MWHAHAHHAA mine all mine!


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September 30, 2010 at 8:23 pm

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