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Philosophically… if a crafter crafts, takes pictures, uploads them and blogs and then posts the blog… but no body reads it, did it really get posted? That’s what Dee and I were asking, but it takes SO long to post a link on Facebook or on other people’s blogs and so long to post on forums that it’s so tiresome to sit to a laptop with the aim of saying “Hi! I love to read your blog posts! I’m a crafter too, here’s a link to my blog, if you’re interested?”…. waiting… and waiting… as seconds and minutes tick by… and tintanet being sooooooooooooo verrrryyy sloowwww to load pages. Phew.  I’m a moody moo lately 😉

Toydayyy I enrolled in three classes, so i’ll have some more tutorials and pretties to show to your eyes, like back when I did Arts on Prescription and when Pretty Thrifty did First Friday Crafts!

On Monday and Wednesday I have two classes/workshops and on Fridays I have one workshop!
Mondays are: Scrapbooking & Art Journalling ❤
Wednesdays are: Singing for Confidence &… either Felting or a Dressmaking for Beginners (cushion covers, purses, curtains, tote bags etc.) I can’t remember which I decided on, so that’ll be a lovely surprise for next Wednesday =)
Fridays are Dressmaking; Improvers! T0 have help making dress patterns *swoon*…
So, where’s my camera battery charger? I need her to be full of energy and ready to document what I’ve been tinkering with! Charger, charger, wherever you might be….

Here are just some (not many) of the pretties I’ve been sewing recently:

Mummy Richardson: “You should make the tails on these fish shapes wider”
Me Richardson: “…They’re leaves!”
Mummy Richardson: “Hahahah! Phillip! You’ll never guess what I just said!”

I latest news, here’s a toad I met today:

Toaddd I love youuuu
If you see a blind toad going around, it’s the one I flashed with my camera >.< I’m so sorry, Mr. Toad, If you’re reading this… and I’m also sorry if you’re actually a “Ms. Toad”. I bet he/she gets stopped in the pavement all the time to have his/her picture taken!

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September 24, 2010 at 1:00 am

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  1. but at least I read it and they say if one reads,more come by. We need 2 join some blog rings! u’r such a busy bee now, we’ll have 2 meet up on weekends….

    pretty thrifty

    September 26, 2010 at 10:07 pm

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