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Come read the update! 2006/7 mentioned twice…

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Tonight was my firsttttt workshop/class! I only enrolled yesterday! I’m soooo so knackered so just a quick ‘un, eh?

Sooo, my first class is called Dressmaking: Improvers! It’s in Sherewood at these Textile Workshop places…

They had an advert placed in the Evening Post that evening so Karen popped out and bought a paper:

NOTE: Scrapbooking is NOT on from 6:30am – 1:30pm… I hope because I have a Art Journal class on the same day from 2pm – 5pm and scrapbooking and I’ll be knackered =(

And so, my first class! This class is so that I can get help with projects but also take along a dress I’ve bought and with her help draw a pattern to make it using other materials  XD eeeeeeeeeeee XD

But for my first class I just got equated aquainted with bits, bobs and their sewing machines because I needed help with my T-shirt recon (also i like taking things apart and putting them back together) and because I’ve been adding lace to funk it up and kick it back in to being fashion(ish)able…


and the back:

as worn in 2006 or 2007(?) to my first IamX gig:

I Tom Marsh’s (IamX’s ex-drummer’s) words: “They’re my children!”
L-R: Allanah, Kayleigh, Me!

Gooood times!

So… yeah, the sewing machines at Textile Workshops are Janome J3-18s and it was going okay, *buuzzzz**remove pin*buzzzzzzzz*remove pin*buuuzzzzz*remove pin* (because the the t-shirt material is like a naughty child- changable and not able to stay still for even a moment) when Karen (tutor and super mum/women) came in and asked how it was going, then she saw my pins, placed them horizontally and said “I promise, you can just keep sewing and the needle’s flexible and won’t break”

“ummmm, are you sure?”, but she assured and reassured me and so I sewed… and sat grinning like a fooool at how quickly I could go and feeling like I got away with murder because I was sewing over pins and not stopping to remove them!


However… when I tried it on my machine at home…

eeeeeeeeeeek! Teeheeheee… at least I only broke one!! And at least I had a spare needle =) I wonder if mine aren’t as flexible!?

Tomorrow I’m going to see Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre! I’ve loved them since I saw them on telly in 2006 or 2007 doing this sketch on Comedy Shuffle:

and then youtubes lotsa other videos and waited for them to come to Nott’m!

i’m off to collapse in to bed


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September 24, 2010 at 11:12 pm

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  1. I always use blue tip and/or ballpoint denim/embroidery needles, they will not hop the pins! Also that looks like a sharp/dressmaking pin, made to stick into a dummy, not tapered like a sewing or quilting pin, so more likely to break the needle
    if you pin to the left of your line so the points are just beyond the foot then all is safe 🙂 naughty teach, this is a vbad habit to encourage and not health n safety approved!

    art journalling sounds fab, loved fotos of scrapbking for OCDd
    peeps, await more with interest 🙂

    pretty thrifty

    September 28, 2010 at 11:37 pm

  2. *gasp* cheeky teachy! so can i do it with those lonnng pins that have a shiny coloured ball on the end of each one? I have some of those!


    September 30, 2010 at 5:18 pm

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