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Went to Anxieteam’s EP launch with my stitchy friend Allanah.

T’was a fun night and I laughed at words and antics so much that my tummy ached!

Allanah and I made Tofu cubes before the show…

On another day I went on a Cafe Crawl (as invented by me and Magsy Malone) I do not condone the drinking of excessive alcohol but pub crawls are probably cheaper…

(their balsamic onions are delicious! *drool*)

…and finished up the day with a friend who had recently returned from India!

To Katie, thankyou for my elephant! I’ts smaller than I expected…

Found doodahs and nom noms on the embankment and made jam using scrumped blackberries and our own home-grown apples… AND orange curd, lemon curd with a hint of lime (yummm) and coconut and hazle macarooooons (using egg whites left over from making the orange curd!)

Two diff' batches, two colours... hmmmm

I luuuuuuuuuuuuurve the plums we grow

…and more recently….

Photographing PrettyThrifty’s Little Pretties:

For her to list in her online shop! I love the glittery in the bottom left hand corner! ❤

Click on the piture above to be taken to her shop of lovelies!

Even MORE recently…. *cough*TODAY*cough*

BUTTONZ for earrings.

and wire wrapping semi precious stones for a Well-Being even tomorrow!

Right!…. Sooooooooooo… I’m going to button it

pack my stuff for tomorrow and get offski to beddybos =)


P.S. buying sewing machine from Queen Pretty Thifty soon so expect to see bunting made for me, my mum and for a a shunshiney superhero ladies’ lil baby boy!

P.S.S… anyone want to buy two, not working, sewing machines?

P.S.S.S… Pay a preyer for Pretty Thifty Queen’s sewing machine

P.S.S.S.S… I’m joking- i havent broken two sewing machines!

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September 10, 2010 at 11:19 pm

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