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Sequins and stitch

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The laptops at home aren’t working very well so here I am and I’ll take a huge whack at making a blog entry =)

What have I been obsessively playing making with lately? SEQUINS!

this was the first one i made. here’s the second…

yesss it’s large =D
yes my hands are small =P

fourth one i made:

andddd the fith!

and HERE are my headband pictures as worn by my specially chosen models!

Mummy Richardson

As worn placed on a sleeping puppy’s face

As worn by the BEAUTIFUL maker herself *cough* me:

and if there’s a fella in your life, it *ahem* doubles as an eye patch!

For the camp pirate in YOUR life!

Some of the making of this product…

took place up here…

and so I think I’ll soon be making a head picture

in tribute to someone

to travelled a long way

to come sit by my side while I made Missus Skull

In the last couple of months:


THE UNVEILING of a good friend’s comissioned creation

OK GO AT SPLENDOUR FEST and their bazillion photographers…

While there I also bopped to Long Dead Signal, Fyfe Dangerfield, Terrorvision, The Leisure Society, Noisettes, Calvin Harris and The Pet Shop Boys (who mimed… shhhh!)


I’m just straight lady and her straight friends… maybe they should ban us all from gay pride- dont want to steal their thunder and I’d say there were more straight than gay there!

Later that day…
WATERFONT FEST for a childrens charity

The next day MAKING DAY at Dee’s =D Involving Brusso, glue guns and glitter!

AUNT WENDY and her fella, Derek come to visit! That’s mum’s big sister on the left and Derek’s in the chair on the right.
Mummy Richardson and Papa Smurf are in the middle =)

My aunt an I like to nerd out about ghost stories, vintage looks, vintage celebs, old poetry books and egypt…. OOH! maybe I could do an egypt themed sequin head picture!


girl wearing a broken pinata

a ballooooooooooon

Royal Gala! *shimmy*

Me and Dee enjoy our Royal Gala CDs very much! Blue rinse is my fave RG song!

Click here to listen to some darn good bum shaking music! (it’ll open in to a new page)

And a friend’s art at CROCUS GALLERY in Lenton

Right, it’s half past 11pm, time to medicate the dog and then read in bed until  I sleep =) (don’t worry, doggy mumbo Columbo is feeling better already!)

OOH! But first a picture of my tidyness on a stall at a craft fayre that took place last Saturday at Sherewood Community Centre

but I”m keeping the rest of the stall a secret because it’s not so tidy =P You’ll have to come to a craft fayre to see the amazing things that happen there!

Right, good night and…

Lastly, thank you to Dee, Ginny and Lucy- the sweetest, most kick bum women I know! They make me smilleeeee when times are bleh!


Written by Cherise

August 22, 2010 at 10:46 pm

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  1. eeh,you’re worth it little sequin queen!
    bring on the egyptian bands 😉

    pretty thrifty

    August 22, 2010 at 11:52 pm

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