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Productive day! / About me

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This song makes me happy, bouncy and sing in american!

After a few days of moping and feeling down I had an ultra productive day yesterday! Facebook:

“Didn’t mope today =D walked dogs, did beading, make a fajita for me and curry for parents (three pans, two hobs? tricky), made bed, uploaded photos. GOOD DAY!”

AND I bought some rainbow crayons- I used to find them here and there in childhood days and so I bought a box of five from ebay! One for me, one to send to my friend Lucy on the Isle of Man (she’s never heard of them!) one for each of my grand nieces (not for the grand-nephew, he can’t even hold his head up yet!) and one spare =)

not my picture crayon is muuuuch smaller.

After my three hours walk on the “ranges” (I call it the embankment) with the dogs and pictures taken of the Lord Byron sculpture up there and pictures of the butterflies and bugs, I then identified them using a website (yes I’m a moth /butterfly nerd) which I’ll try to find and share on here soon.

Lucy told me the one on the left is a six-spotted burnet, I found out that the one on the other side is a Cinnabar Moth!

THIS is a Cinnabar Caterpillar! I love them. They feel lovely to stroke. I saw possibly a hundred of these moths as they really love the meadow flowers, but only saw one patercillar! Odd? Not sure. Saw an old chrysalis too!!! First time finding one outside of a butterfly farm.

Also while we were out we saw a butterfly called a “common blue” (google him) he was  as violet/lilac coloured as the flowers the moths are sitting on above and possibly not as common as the say because this was the first time I remembered seeing him!

Here’s the great user of puns, reader of magazines, watcher of telly soaps and perferred cushion to dogs *drum roll…* mum of the house and mamma/great grandma:

She (understandably) had to sit for a lot of the walk and the monkey dogs and I would go back to her before moving on to the next section of embankment. So there she is in the butterfly meadow and then here she is trying to walk Boatswain:

Boatswain is the sculpture of Lord Byron’s dog. Here’s the whole sculpture:

The monkey dogs were very excited about this and spent time running around and yapping to someone or other… either to us or the sculpture…


a bit more about me me me and family… told by circular plaques at the base of the Byron sculpture….

As a baby I was christened here:

and my mum’s dad worked here:

Mum and the dogs were becoming increasingly knackered (sorry!) but before we could go home we stopped to let some Lean Mills school kiddies (hiiiiiiiiiiiii!) play with play with the monkey dogs!

Also, at home I made curry for the first time EVER and it was yummmmmy! I’m sure I didn’t make ‘true’ curry- I didn’t add salt and there wasnt much oil used. And we always add apple, sultanas, carrots and celery to ours… but it was curry flavoured! Num num num.

And what can I say about today so dar that will fit in a Facebook Status?

“Counselling was brill today! Dad singing tonight, the group will all be wearing african colours, singing african songs and raising money for charity!”

That’s all for now! Ta ta!

Written by Cherise

July 22, 2010 at 4:05 pm

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