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FIRST 1st Fri’ Crafts…

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First 1st Friday Crafts in an a while at Dee’s house and we diddddd sewing! we were going to do paper making but feared it would wash away drown the drains when we pegged it out to dry in between the clouds mood swings…

sunshine… rain… sunshine… rain… sunshine… rain… sunshine… JUST STOP!

are the clouds playing peek a boo with us?

ahem, so, anyway… I VERY much want to take part in an eco garments course that Dee justtt finished but get easily scared by the growling sounds my sewing machine likes to make when I get too near.  Dee’s mission? To get me on track, much less clueless and a lot more confident using a sewing machine.

Yesterday she set me on doing zig zaggy lines! Her machine has speeds between “tortoise” and “hare”… I started on tortoise and half way through the day I was on the hare speed!! Woop!
Oops, i left a practice sheet at her house! But my second practice sheet I  turned in to a little phone holder.  Dee meanwhile was clickey clattereing away on her laptop, uploading and labelling pictures. When I showed Dee my phone holder creation she showed me how to machine a chord to attach to the case and then strapped me to the chair until I had completed the project and had hand sewn the phone case to my own skin… possibly because I have problems with loosing my phone… quite often…


I call him Ziggeh (the Nottingham translation of Ziggy)

PEEK A BOO to  my troublesome phone!

The zig zags were (at first) me trying to keep my lines from going wonky, but after being taught how to change the bobbin and what different thinkness threads would do (and many other tricks) I just went a bit happy with the colours… I WARNED that I love orange and purple together! Plus this orange thread is a bit magic and looks pink and coral next to other threads. *swoooooooon colour*

Can YOU see a big nose, long chin, ear and eye?

and… um… fings of late:

  • 89 6 lip balms. yes. i’m an addict. (4 of which are from BalmBox on, one’s rose scented and free with Psychology magazine and one was from I.C.Discounts- Lip Smackers are goood and not tested on animals)
  • Triangle and star shape buttons from a shopping trip with Dee and Pauline (plus a wrotten note to meet her at Cape on 26th of Aug for the launch of the patchwork quilt)
  • A beaded flower in blue, white and silver (made by me!)
  • A flower taken from an old broken  ring that I’m turning in to… something else!

Today I was supposed to do a market wity my friend Rosey but it was cancelled for all the rain so today has been very lazy! So far I’ve:

  • Eaten cereal (Special K with peachy bits!)
  • Watched “the Untold Battle of Britian” that I taped t’other night- focused on the Poles involvement and all they did to help. Sad ending though.
  • Played inthe garden with the dogs.
  • Recieved a very annoying catalogue through the kitchen window while I was washing up peoples pots. Recieving post through the kitchen window was such a novelty that I forgot  to tell the man that I HATE catalogues. So I might turn it in to some paper beads =P
  • Have endured neighbour’s loud thumping party music for hours and hours…
  • Unpacked shopping.

that’s all i’ve done today and it’s nearly 5pm! hmm, off to be productive like the good creative, sleepy person I am.

x x x x

Written by Cherise

July 17, 2010 at 3:56 pm

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