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WHAT iz youz bin doin’ blud?

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WELL! I had a couple of days with the Pretty and Thirfty Dee! Read about it here. Yup yup, great time cackling and laughing with my Queens of magical creativity! and DAMN that was good hot chocolate! Also, I have this little piece of lapis lazuli….

Beautiful! and with golden flecks

from the nice man Mick Lawlor at the crystal shop on Canning Circus. Luminosa? WHEN I know how to make silver jewelery with silversmithery techniques I will buy FUCK LOADS LOTS of such stones and other pretty things and set them how they deserve to be displayed *sigh* one day…

Here’s another blue stone I love (but a cheeky man-made stone)

It has me thinking of starry nights, the universe and icey pavements.


What might I have been up to recently?

MaKiNg PeNdAnTs! & Sitting with flowers & taking pictures!

Orange with blue and orange with puple makes my eyes happy and my heart swoon…

AND… STARFISHY! Made at my cool brother in law’s birthday bbq!

Last but not least… today the weather is:

Written by Cherise

July 15, 2010 at 7:56 pm

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