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SO! What else…

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have I been up to? Let’s get this update outta the way so we can get on to more recent doo dahs =)

Off I go to visit my Facebook photo albums to show you pretty pics!  Yesssss, I’m a picture nerd.

after holiday times i met Alyn and we visited the Luminarium at its visit to Lakeside Arts Theatre…. just for the record I also invited a friend and her 9-year-old son but our inner children was all we needed =)

LOOK! there are three teens’ early twenties people without kids!

….completely alright to go to a children event without kids…..

and here’s inside! DEFFO worth 3 pounds!


also, the shape… it made my head and belly feel funny that there’s no ‘separation’ from floor to wall, so my head didn’t know where one started and the other began… or something like that….

Spot the oddly coloured Alyn?

Remember the squiddy bit at the start? That’s how the did this…

in the main dome people would lie on the floor or up against the ‘walls’.

I kinda love this woman and her baby. They were having a nice time and lounging =)

and I love this duo!

Sooo, that was the luminarium? and what are they looking at really?

check out these panels and pieces! it was put together by hand and each section zips together!

these few pictures were taken with flash =) so this is what we look at, and walked through, but it isn’t at all what we saw =)

and this is the squid dome room, with flash:

i love this! the guide at the start said to not use flash but I’m glad I did, just to see this =P

i thought the luminarium would have inflatable walls, and that it would just be a huge inflatable thing with lights… but it was the sun shining through the luminariums less than semi-translucent panels  and reflecting on to the opaque silver pieces that made the place bright and colourful =D

so this room is grey/silver. but the ceiling pieces make the place feel fantastical and magic

outside, rain started, but everywhere was still illuminated

apologies to this family

maybe we were just on a space ship this whole time!


Also? My grand nephew chose to be born!

here’s my eldest niece, Chez’, her baby, Elias, and his cooing daddy, Sal’.

and Elias chillaxin’ with his grand aunt, ME!

and getting smoochies from great-granny:


Picture-taker (and recent auntie) Marie’s birthday picnic!

I made her birthday cake. and spelt happy birthday in silver balls on the top. but after carrying the butter-iced cake in a tub through hot-weather journey to the arbouretum… AND forgetting the candles!… well…

ahem… learnt my lesson… butter icing + sunshine = SMUSH and messed-up decorations…

hopefully you can watch the video here:


Last but not least, Lady’s puppy’s first birthday!

…she usually looks this loopy and dramatic.

Next time I uptdate I’ll include some crafts like the good craft blogger I forget to be ; )…

oops! and! one last thing, the sky yester-night while on the telephone to Dee =)

*sighs dreamily and slips in to sleep dust land*

Written by Cherise

July 9, 2010 at 2:03 am

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