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We’re all going on a summer holiday!

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… but just a day late….

YES, I had my suitcase all packed and then waited an extra day in England for the volcanic ash clouds to move on. I was very calm but family were fretting!

So, on 17th of March, a day late, we ran away to Southern Spain, in a Ryanair Plane.

swooooooooooooooon at the pretty greens and the spectacular clouds

shadow of the clouds against the water and reflection of the sun =)
are these the alps?
my DVD Monster chilling out and high cinco the DVD left for us at the villa.

Bythe pool and in the pool:

AZUL! (bluuuue). Icy cold!

Water Taxi- even better when she’s on his back and i’m on hers! Kyla and I are too weak to cary two people though, we just sink.

the golf course next door and our view


Pond- the bridge

WheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeJust keep swimming, just keep swimming…


Outside gym!

PURPLE HOUSES! made for me and kyla. and no one else.
me and my sis, Kyla, and then Michaela and Mick:

i went down there where the river met the sea!

Drunk Trees!

Our sand castle (no bucket or spades used!) with shell decoration and stone pathway. Dream on you sand sculpturers- one day you may rival me, kyla and michael.
This flower felt like leaves, was HUGE and was very smelly but nice smelly =)


Mr or Ms Birdy- who I love dearly. I fed birdy a tuk-style biscuit containing sesame seads. I watched her fly wayyyy beyond the beach, beyond the tees and roads to the houses, just to come back, to go forth and come back again for more =D


SALI DALI (is it too rude to write his name so informally?)

ANDDDD for my greek myth-loving self (WAY better than coronation street or eastenders!)

and each had a title plate like this:

Spain has fantastic tiles…

more pretty pungent flowers like leaves!

Next? GIBBY! (ahem. sorry. Gibraltar)

Can hardly see over the wheel and never had a driving lesson- can see why mick wouldnt trust me to get us there…

I went in this/up this castle! It belonged to a princess or queen charlotte. Wasn’t very big on the inside!

APE! There was a 500pound fine for feeding the apes but we just prayed that they couldnt eat the car!

Baby ape! We gave little ape a lift up the mountain- tourists and ourselves laughed so hard!

Up at the castle…

Ants outside the castle- very organised but could do better- maybe if we had painted a white line between them they’d have stopped bumping in to each other.

I love these two buildings and the scooters most people use to get around without having to wear bike leathers. Bike leathers in 39degree weather, can you imagine? No thanks!

Evacuees that haven’t moved much.

MORRISONS INSIDE BRITAIN INSIDE SPAIN! odd. that’s Gibby rock behind there.

I loved this sun dial with the zodiac on it XD

This is Mr Gibraltar Rock, as Kyla named him.


We didn’t go in the bull ring, just took this picture for tourists sake =P we don’t like such things.

See the little blue and pink squares? these are fabric pictures of Mary and her babby- in the morning there was a festival type celebration going down the street and these fabric pictures hung from balconies and buildings anywhere in Ronda.

Lovely views =)

Cheeky sister! This is a museum. How pretty…

As tiiimmmeee goess byyy, so slowlyy… ahem. sorry.

i fight depression but i'm feeling better than this greek god.

part one

part two



This is a Fiesta- Kyla and Micks Magnums cost 2 euro each, my fiesta was SO full of food colouring and flavourings and bad things that it only cost 50 cents =P But it was SO damn tasty and strong, almost bitter… like cherry and bubblegum.

Puente Nuevo

Postcard to home:
To mum, dad etc. & zoo, Today we have been to Ronda- we walked over this birdge! Ronda was a BIG drive away but it’s one of Spains oldest cities, has lots of museums and is situated in the mountains! A PROPPER CITY! HUGE! The Puente Nuevo was started in 1751 and completed in 1793 but the architect of didn’t survied it’s completion because he DIED falling out of a basket when looking over his work… The Puente nuevo is 96 metres tall! Which is 315 feet!!! And we picked oranges and nispero from trees- well, mostly Michael did… we couldnt reach…

The view:

On the bridge:


Water at the base of the bridge. Doesn;t that just look like the most beautiful thing in the world in this hot weather? It did back then too =) No diving though, it's 96m down.


can’t quite reach! Mick did though. Hours later back at the villa we peeled the orange and found it was as bitter as a lemon or orange. It was also GIANT sized and the ppel was lovely, fragrant and yummy smelling. In the end we made orange rice pudding with loads of sugar, normal rice, milk, orange peel and juice… and out tongues tingled lots from the zing!

this was a museum! but you’re allowed to take pictures! so here they are (still in Ronda- we got around!):

I love these tiles

the view!

this man looks like a character! ❤


umm, this might be the end of Ronda!

Other things in Spain in wanted to bring back in my suitcase:
PURPLE TREEEEES! I saw many of gthem and you’d kind of think them bare to not be green and leafy but…

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*swooooon* I miss you purple trees! why do you never write to me?
and red trees!


where we almost always ate breakfast, tea and supper, looking out in to the garden


living room, breakfast bar

dining room with a... PIANO!? hmm.

um... snake! i like snakes...

i especially liked this snake until he ate…

one of these fishies.

ms terry (tarapin) scared snakey away

ummmm, this might be the end of my holiday snaps (i say that but there are 600 plus of them) but i fear i might have bombarded you >.<



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