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[voting] BLEUGHHHHH! Let’s go to berlin!

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Yes well. We voted didn’t we? Didn’t get the result you hoped for? Well let’s leave the country!

It’s a BAD bad day for me =(

NO I’m not on a depressive low BUT:
– I woke with a headache and sore throat
– Yesterday was VERY stressful.
– Conservative won the most votes in Hucknall
– Labour second and (my chosen vote) Lib Dem third.
– I just accidentally chomped on one of my Imipramine- which is a mistake I sincerely and strongly hope I never make again! I feel sick now =(
– Today I woke, ate shreddies and a banana, went to bed, read, dozed, got up, watched House (green blood!), got an unwanted visit from a BNP voter, went to bed, slept, went downstairs and ate shreddies and two oranges at 6pm, came upstairs, read, slept, read, went downstairs at 11, watched a couple of minutes of Bottom, then i ate…. a slice of toast and jam! and a banana, had pills (chomped one by accident D-X ) and came back upstairs… brushed my teeth lots because the lemonade didnt make the taste go away… so yes. *sigh* woe is me.

This made me feel a bit happier =)

Friday has been gloomy. In shadows I spent it all =P My head and I decided to sleep lots.

Written by Cherise

May 7, 2010 at 10:29 pm

Posted in Craft & Creativity

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