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Bon Nuit!

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Hiiiii *sleepily* Dee’s APPALLED that I haven’t written in so long! Well, I’m sorry, I’ll come back to you… I swear!

So, since the wonderful wordpress to do list worked SO friggin’ well last time, let’s do it again, shall we?

Here’s what’s to come:

  • Burffday blogg!
  • This is not a book. Book.
  • What I’ve been doing with knicker elastic (what DON’T we use knicker elastic for!??! Okay, most things, but still, I’ve been doing some fings!)
  • The tee I wore to AFI… and an attempt to get in touch with the two girls who won the comp! They have the pics of us all with the band!)
  • Rufus *swoon*weep*sparkle*
  • Nadim Chaudry exhibit @ The New Art Exchange… and an exhbit I want to see with Alyn… not sure when…umm… what else?

  • I made some birthday biscuits for my niece’s birthday… is that blog-worthy? me, mum and dad had to *ahem* test them.
  • Meeting Allanah tomorrow for her Birthday! See what I baked for her birthday! Hopefully someone will take a pic of us for me to upload to blogland =)
  • And… I’ve been singing which makes me VERY twitchy and nervous, bashful and shy, so let’s end on that shall we?Good.

    See, I may not be blogging (because I’m a baaad womble) but I AM makin’ nice fings =)



  • And AND paper beads!…

right. night.

Written by Cherise

April 29, 2010 at 11:09 pm

Posted in Craft & Creativity

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