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I been gone a long time!

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Hi there! Soooooo, while I was at Dee’s house having fun with Dee and Suella and First Friday Crafts my parents were off on a Spring holiday… this meant that it was up to me and me alone to keep the house in one peice, keep the dogs and cat fed and clean…

AND it meant that I could SPRAWL my creative guts ALL over the coffee table without anyone complain’!

What did I get up to?

Saturday: Well… Virgin were due to send me a modem so when I missed the postman and he’d left me a card saying I’d missed a package delivery? BOOYAH! So off I ran to get dressed and and nip in to Hucknall post office before noon to find… THIS!

(pink star placed strategically to hide a third of my mobily number to blog readers)

THEN when I got home I got to sewing lace on to a vest top I went on to wear at THIS gig.

Sunday: I made paper beads, embroidered my canvas and drew on paper sandwich bags THEN went to the Love Music Hate Racism Gig at the Maze!

Firey horizon on easter sunday!

Sarah and Matylda! I had an arrow too XD

Hannah Heartshape; soulful!

Freindzzz: Sarah, Hannah, Matylda and Me (in legendary lellow cardie)

Nic doing funny saucy dance to music

Maty’ wanted long hair for a bit so we did a comb-over!
It was great to see her, we chatted about dreams, dolls, easter and health =D

Lookin’ gooood!

Bonzai Projects…

…enjoyed by all!

hip shaking!

Bonzai Project being enjoyed by George, Nic, Sarah, Heartshape, Natalie and Baby Godzillains.

Last but not least, Baby Godzilla played, I was too busy dancing and head shaking to take pictures of their stagely antics and nightly shinannigans!

Gozilla played darn late so I was soooooooooo happy when Sarah said Catherine had  agreed to pick us up at quarter past midnight! and dropped me off at home at half 1 in the morning! Phew!

Time to put my feet up and relax.

Like my new dress?!
and an arrow that wouldnt come off my hand for another 4 days =P

Written by Cherise

April 16, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Posted in Craft & Creativity

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