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Rocky Road to Birthdays

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I feel sick. Ate too much “raw” rocky road with mum. *flops*

It’s dad’s birthday tomorrow and he sings with a group called SoundSwell and tomorrow night, Ol’ Brown Eyes will be doing a solo of “Luck Be A Lady”. Each concert he does with this group, the entry is FREE an there’s FREE FOOD, however, it’s for charity and at the end of the show they say who/what they’re raising money for and send a collection plate around the audience.

SO, later, shall I write a rough recipe of the dentally illegal substance I’ve just made? I made a rocky road that’s suitable and terrible for kids, BUT, before that, I made a rocky road that’s suitable but terrible for adults. MWHAHHAHAAH! Dentists everywhere will CRY!

Dad doesn’t know I’m doing this… I’m sure he knows that I have a blog and I’m not sure what he will say if/when he reads this but… here’s my dad:

HAHA! Entertaining Great-grand niece Katie.

SO Happy Birthday to Dad for tomorrow!

Also, remember that superb woman I keep mentioning? Dee? Well, I can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned but she recently started a blog! Pretty Thrifty. PLUS she’s pretty new to the tintanet world! Phew, the things to learn!

Right, I haven’t actually eaten real food today, just a melty spoon of rocky road, and I DID put a pepper in the oven to eat with yesterday’s vegetables and quorn strips. YUM.

Written by Cherise

March 24, 2010 at 5:50 pm

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