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Yesterday [Handmade Nation, Upcycling & Friend’s Gig!]

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Sooooo…. Where to start!?! Again 😉

T’was the night before Christmas a cold, rainy Saturday morning where Dee and I met at the Broadway Cinema to see Handmade Nation: Rise of D.I.Y, Crafts, Arts and Design!

It was EXCELLENT! I now want to play with glass rods & flame, paper & blade, book binding, bead embroidery and I have wanted for SO LONG to edit my clothes a bit!

After the film, Dee and I wandered up stairs to the Mezz bar to see the Craft Fayre! There I spied a poster for my friend’s show at night time! WOOP! They’re called Baby Godzilla!

Also! Our friend Neil’s jewellery was there! Can I hvae a guitar and some butterflies pleeeeeeease?

As well as these hilarious and insulting (yet pretty and sparkly) cards…. NOT by Neil, don’t worry…


Theeeeeeeeeese gorgeous flowers- wouldn’t you just like to stroke a bouquet of these?

And oh wise one, Neil (Woody)

and theeeeeeeeeeseee pretty posies!

See the spot where one posie is missing? Because it’s MINE ALL MINE!

I want too many of them =( …again, JUST a bouquet of them plese? Twelve maybe?

Right! After this, our moods dampened by the damp and by poorliness Dee got the bus home and I sleepily swept myself off to The Art Org. However, there were many hours to wait until the evenings show, so I meandered around the place, looking at pictures

I like these naughty, clever pictures on the wall, inspired by Damien Hirst.
And this… hmm, those fellas look familiar…

Guy in the black tie is Gary, guy on the drums is Tom, guy ON the drums with guitar is Matt and guy in the background wearing stripes is Adam, say, “Hi guys!”

Also,  I hung out with Marie and the two fellas in the background and a good guy called Dan, “Hi Marie! Hi Oscar and Howard!”

However, TAO aint the hottest place around, and I was collld and wet, so off I ran in the rain to the Free Shop- looking for something warm and dry…

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkss *drools*

OH! Something warm and dry, this’ll do the job:

NICE! AND hand-knitted! Check-out my sleepy eyes  ^_^

NEXT I wished to see Jonathan’s studio/hair salon, it’s very funky *ahem* sorry, I mean, modish:

Back in the bar, trying to have a nap on one of the sofas, and along comes this brilliant ragamuffin!

This is Anna Wells! Protester, genius, cyclist and lovely creative person! Last year, in spring time, I made for her a purse!…. and she still uses it! I havent seen Anna for SO flipping long because she’s busy most of the time!

So he’s the purse I made for her (I’m assuming it is now the MOST well traveled purse that I’ve made to date)

and the other side? even more worse for wear

I’m very happy that they’re (the birds) are very well loved and still being used! See the holes? they are showing the lining which is made of old clothing! And the outside of the purse is made of felt that had been chucked away because the primary school had brought a new batch. Upcycled baby!

And Anna’s dress, boots and belt: From a charity shop!

and these lights at The Arts Org are made by a clever person who puts empty plastic bottles to great use!

I think I want one of these when I re-model my room!

SKIP TO THE END! (reference to reading Edgar Wright “60 second interview” in the Metro that very day)
Eventually, along came Ron and Annaand pink-haired Amy

and some interesting characters!

cool specs! they even make people smooch!
enjoyed by many!

The show was BRILLIANT!
The only logical conclusion to the night? Running off to the last tram of the night with Marie and sleepily goimg home in my new cardigan!

Written by Cherise

March 21, 2010 at 11:30 pm

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