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Ginger Ninja and Freckle Nose.

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Och! Where to start? Oh where to start!?

Let’s start from the very beginning. I hear that it is a very nice place to start.

Welllll for the past few days I’ve been photographing jewellery and writing descriptions and measurements- ready to put them on  Folksy:

Okay, I lied, Lady, 8 month young Cavvie Photographed and listed jewellery on Folksy- Both animal labour AND child labour. Tut, I am evil.

Here’s Little Lady when she was just 12ish days old- when her eyes started to open:

…and her she is, (this makes me laugh) at bed time.
Check out Lionel’s cheeky big yawn!

HAHA! Lady, since her (puppy)childhood has slept on top of her mum or dad, using them as a cosy matress. But Lady now has some more her dad’s height and has out grown her mother. So here’s a SQUISHED mum:

Look! Josie when she was a cute little EVIL gremilin:

Phew! Right, don’t know WHY I started writing about the monkeys.

Comming Up: An entry about YESTERDAY

Written by Cherise

March 21, 2010 at 7:50 pm

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