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First First Friday Crafts! (old pics!)

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There is a magical powder called brusho and Dee, after spending on these, invited us over for some big making fun!

What we did was draw on to cartridge paper with wax crayons (cartridge paper kicks bum because it doesnt curl up from soggy water colours or too much water), we then gave the paper a water wash with a wide brush and then sprinkled on brusho and a lustre powder to get these amazing speckled, blending effects.

See the gorgeous constellations on my paper? XD
Bleeeeeding, blurring and silver speckles!

And details!

Splodge! Beautiful splodge!and an amazing reverse side!

Check Out this picture!

I over worked this but recently (accidentally!) dropped it outside and didn’t find it again until the morning after… after a night of rain, laying limply in the grass… but after a bit of drying in front of the fire-place Dee noticed these beauuuutiful effects!

Also! This little surprise in the wax! I’d drawn on this paper with a white wax crayon on to a textured background- which the wet brusho enjoyedpicking out very much =D

Luuuuurrrrrvely messy fun with friends!

Written by Cherise

March 8, 2010 at 9:05 pm

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