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Todayyy (like every Monday) I went to Arts on Presctiption! Last week I had drawn some ideas and drawn on to  felt with glitter glue-type stuff.

This week I did some basic swirly beading

And added some hand-made paper beads

After looking at the felt last week I had decided that I didn’t want to add too many details

So next week I want to embroider the shape of flowers in to one sections and Sue (resident embroiderer) is going to show me how to do french knots and other skills! I can’t wait!

Sue today brought in an embroidered piece she had made in college- DAMN there were lots of fantastic-looking techniques used! I’m glad I got to see it- though when she first walked in with the picture my hands were covered in paint… NO I havent been hand printing again! But I did nicely coat my little canvas in Dulux tester paint

and next week I can hold this canvas to the wall and arrange an over head projection of my drawing on to the wall, pick out sections and details that I want to transfer! =o)

On to this I can also embroider, add buttons and beads! NICE!
This colour is also similar to a tester pot that my sister bought me when I thought of re-decorating my room.

Here’s Sue and her son Johnny, also, check-out Sue’s picture projected on to the wall!

Mural anyone? ; )

Written by Cherise

March 8, 2010 at 8:23 pm

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