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Rules for making cup cakes

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My mother goes to these friendship groups. One called “Nutall Pheonix Friendship Group” (run by an often cold, mean woman) and the other called “Chronic Pain Group”.  My friend Sarah has issues with the name “Pain Group” =P

Mais oui, when it’s someones birthday they take cakes to hand out the rest of the group. So! I make these cakes for her to take, because I like baking and because it hurts her to stand up for so long.

ROOLZ I should follow:

-If you usually do double the recipe- to feed TWO friendship groups… re-read the measurements… else you might make FOUR times the usual recipe.

-Check whether “All Purpose Flour” means that it is Plain Flour or Self-Raising Flour. Unless you want to feel the worry and rush while HOPING like hell that the cakes rise.

-Putting cake cases in a yorkshire pudding tin will help the cases stay round. If you accidentally make four times the mix and have to use other trays, putting paper cake cases in to a christmas themed cake tin will NOT help the cakes stay round.

ROOL i DO follow:
Have fun with it! It isn’t That much of a science.
Yellow are apple and cinnamon.
Pink are vanilla.
Blue are apple.

AGAIN! The dogs were very helpful!


Tomorrow I’ll be making paper and plastic beads at Dee’s house! WIth more friends! Pictures and How Tos to come!

Written by Cherise

March 4, 2010 at 10:57 pm

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