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Depression isn’t a Sickness, I’m not broken, it’s just an imbalance to be worked on…

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I need to remember this =) I need to remember that I’m doing well dealing with this and the longer I have it the even BETTER I’ll be at dealing with it. Yup. dealing, because I’m not broken, therefore I cannot be fixed. All I can do it work on it.

Phone counselling with Kiera works wonders.

A chat with my mother on Tuesday worked wonders too! I was feeling all kinds of awful for missing math class- though I brought all my work papers home with me, and feeling  awful and guilty for money reasons (not the kind you’d think) so as long as I White Knuckle it and work out these formulas and silently White Knuckle it with my emotions then things can get better without first becoming worse!

I often compare myself with friends my age and a little younger- that live alone or house-share or that they might drive/have driving lessons, but I’m not on their scale, I’m on a different scale and it isn’t those to whom I should compare myself. If anybody.

Yup! Thanks Kiera!



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March 4, 2010 at 1:07 pm

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