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Day in the life…MATH

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Today! Had a go making paper beads because I’m doing a workshop at the weekend *cross fingers* about making paper and plastic beads! WOOP

I’m now doing math- math makes my thumb nails disappear. REALLY! It has been a while since college. And at college I learned how to calculate taxes and to work out APR (which meant doing percentages) on loans and how to book holidays but WE USED CALCULATORS! Calculators that were almost bound to our hands when doing course work!

AND! AND! Math teacher taught me that I dont HAVE to do *insert number here* divided by 100 X *insert number here* to find a percentage! SO SUCK EGGS! To all the (frankly) nasty math teachers who naver showed us the simplified way!

Simplified way means I dont need to use a flipping calculator šŸ˜‰



AND! these math papers are MEAN because they word things BADLY! SO, just so I can’t get the answer wrong I’ve been answering every question that it insinuates- for not making it clear enough what they want me to answer!

“How much extra will Sally have to pay in money?”
I could now ask the paper “Do you want me the answer ‘how much extra, from what she estimated, will Sally have to pay?’ or ‘How much extra will she have to pay INCLUDING the 9% increase in energy bills” or ‘What’s 9% of last years energy bill’ OR ‘What does she have to pay based on her QUARTERLY bill’. not only that but while working out all these solutions to questions my mum puts it to me that she… “I don’t know what to have for my dinner or tea”

*deep breath*

math + preparing for craft fayre + preparing for work shop and trying to think of all I need to pack up for stalls and workshop _+ mum asking what she should have for dinner and tea = my having an a brain aneurysm… and me exaggerating because of nervousness and stress.

*slower dveep breath*

In less streful thoughts, LOOK at the vest top that they’re sending me from the competition I won! XD *swooooooooooon*

Well, I love the rain the most when it stops
We can see the big white houses, yeah, and the docks
And we can jump in the river, don’t know if the water or sky is clearer
But I know that I love the rain the most when it stops
Yeah, when it stops

No more grey today, we gonna celebrate
You know Miss Sunshine, she starts to paint a perfect picture of this river parade
And I know that I love the rain the most when it stops
Yeah, when it stops

Well, the dark waves, they start singing together
I can’t believe this change in the weather
I start to hum a child’s rhyme
And all these boats, they start rocking in time
And I love the rain the most when it stops
Yes, we love the rain the most when it stops
Yeah when it stops

The summer is coming to an end
We ain’t gonna let that slow us down one bit
Til that sunset will start to fade
They’re gonna drag us screaming from these old riverbanks

We love the rain the most when it stops
We love the rain the most when it stops
Yeah, when it stops
Yeah, when it stops
Yeah, when it stops
When it stops, when it stops, when it stops…
Yeah, when it stops

I think you’ve had a little too much too drink
Let me help with that
Don’t forget to tie the boat up
Not that way, no it’s a figure eight, yeah
Yeah when it stops…
The rain, when it stops…

Written by Cherise

February 25, 2010 at 3:36 pm

Posted in Craft & Creativity

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