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DE JA VU the movie.

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Right, sooo, I’m sleepy! Just so you know, I went to Math class today! My first in YEARS. Maybe I’ll write more about it later. But let’s just say I’m pleased =). Math teacher made me (FORCED me) to see that I’m not as bad as I silently fretted and feared I’d be.

Also, I got home tonight at 11pm (thank you dad for picking me up from the tram station!), ate soup, (yummmm soup) and watched De Ja Vu, a Densel Washington movie, this insinuates it stars Densel Washington…. and guns and explosions. It had suspense and makes my heart beat faster… but honestly, so does finding 2% of 1500- so serves me right for getting home late and bringing my math work home with me, doesn’t it? *yawwnnnn*

Written by Cherise

February 24, 2010 at 1:08 am

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