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*breathe in*….*siiiiighhhh* RADIO! Snowy Sunday.

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Yup. I’m listing on Folksy. But don’t worry! I’ll be okay! I woke up, put on some warm jim jams that I intend to wear ALL freakin’ day- yes I did- check out my monsters of rock tee and pink, grey, silver, black andwhite tartan-y trousers.

I then brushed my teeth & hair, ventured downstairs to see dad playing x-box, nabbed the free laptop, whipped out my paper brooches and set for some jewellery listing to the soundtrack of Dave Gorman on Absolute Radio, thennnn the last hour of Jon Richardson on Radio6Music, then back to listening to Dave Gorman old podcasts (I’m only a recent listener so back listening is a must for me, a radio nerd), THEN, I’ll listen to the newly uploaded Jon Richardson show on BBC iPlayer, of which I missed the first two hours- because of listening to the Dave Gorman show (which, had I of missed it, couldnt have listened to the WHOLE SHOW at a later date- only the podcast!). Yes. SO. This is the extent of my Radio Routine. Sunday, for me, if it happens my way, involves jimjams, radio, something crafty and then helping to make Sunday Dinner. Good times…

Written by Cherise

February 21, 2010 at 2:09 pm

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