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[Nottinghamians on Etsy] Owow ouchie ouch!…

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Ouch *pout* I have girl pains!


This is made by RetroRoadtrip (a lady called Anne).
She isn’t from Nottingham.
I don’t know her.
She knows not me.

However =D here are some Nottinghamians who are on Etsy!
I find their thinks to be binky or lovely.
Binky means cute.

These make me swoon; Origami jewellery by Satoko
I want some!

These are cute. I like the mixing of materials, the stitching and butterflies.
Eco Friendly Goods by Agnes

Soooooo so sweet and twee(t):
By ShereDesign

By BagLadee

And I LOVE the childish and decorative nature of these pictures.
By Caroline Rose.

Happy Valentines Day! Send love to your friends, family and the world.
And your significant other.
If you must.


Written by Cherise

February 14, 2010 at 11:47 am

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