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Folksy {Forgive me father for I have sinned…}

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Forgive me father for I have sinned, I did it once before and I’ll do it again… (Alkaline Trio lyrics, i think, that or I made it up…)

I have this problem with listing things. I have 6 or 7 Michael Ball programmes on my bookshelf (Oi! Mum bought them, NOT me!) that my parents once asked me to list on ebay a year or two ago. I have a small “Goth Box” at the top of my wardrobe over-spilling with fluffy purple boot muffs, pinstripe corset tie made by my brother’s crazy ex and a satin skirt bought for £60 from void… ALL waiting to go on ebay!

Also I have lots of bobs and bits I’ve made that NEED listing on Folksy.

Sooo, I was watching Big Bang Theory on 4OD while cropping pictures and listing things on Folksy… “Colour me impressed” Dee said via text. Then my sister Michaela called asking me to take her to our leader (Mother) and off I wondered… downstairs… and I can’t blame downstairs NOR my sister or the telephone, it’s ME letting myself get distracted again!

What had I been doing for the past hour from half 5 to half 6pm? I chopped up a butternut squash that has sat, waiting to be used for WEEKS. Googled “roast butter nut squash”. Read a few recipes and then wandered off to the kitchen to invent three flavours of roast squash and it is YUM but smells (for some reason) like sausages.
Squash: is coated in oil, butter (two things that occurred in each internet recipe), then one-third I made mexican-y, one-third chinese and one-third rosemary and garlic, then, for good measure, I added some sliced onion and a couple of apples. YUMYUMYUM

Notice mum’s hand in the picture? She dislikes clutter in photos. But if I were to “After” shot; in which the cling film had been moved, you would then see our toaster on a tray scattered with crumbs! Ewwww!

Also- please no one tell my mother that I wrote that? I’ll be homeless if I dare leak out secrets of the house hold!

SO! Moral of the story; DON’T PROCRASTINATE!

On here I will write a TO DO LIST and then, to prove that I have carried out the tasks listed I will take a picture of the completed task or a screen shot of said task!

To Do…. No, Really!
– Load new items to Folksy:

~Big brooches Done! See!?
~Little Brooches
~Miscellaneous brooches
~ Greetings cards
– Put Michael Ball Concert Programmes on Ebay
– Write blog address on remaining business cards
– Design and order more business cards
– Physically price new items for Saturday’s craft fayre so that I might hopefully…
– Go to the ball *cough cough* I mean “Nottingham Lights Night”
– Organise bag for Saturday Fayre
– Make peanut butter cookies?
– Make wire hearts/ paisley?
– Photograph, measure and write descriptions for goth clothes, listn THOSE on ebay TOO!

hmm, what else might there be? Golly gosh! Not sure I’m liking this to do list idea any more!

*reads through content of blog* OH! That reminds me! *Adds one more thing to the to do list: goth box*

Written by Cherise

February 11, 2010 at 12:16 am

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