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*atchoo!* Day out with Alyn & Morag

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Is it possible to get heyfever from a plant? I nicked some rosemary… well… lots of rosemary… that’s growing from a bush out side of Alyn’s appartment building and the scent has been making me sneeze and have a tickly nose.

Word press is heightist ^ I prefer the “short & squat” version myself… wonder why 😉


FINALLY, here are the pictures of my day out with Alyn and Morag:

Dorian’s Boat! (Alyn calling Dorian to see if he’s inside)…

…has a heart shape hole.

I saw this and thought “aww! what lovely lives people have who live on boats- only 10% worry!”

DO these bunnies have guns?

and then I saw this… not so sweet and worry-free after all >.<

Luuurvely golden glows and silver gleams from the cold february sunshine.

Written by Cherise

February 11, 2010 at 8:50 pm

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  1. […] loop pedal music,sculptures, bewks, sunshine, rosemary, ducks, dogs, cannels, trees and boats. Here are some pretty pictures (as always the link opens in a new window). That or just scroll […]

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