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{B.E.S.T} Born to multipy, born to gaze in to night skies…

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*bops around* the sunshine’s here! The sky is blue! Woohoo!


That’s what I typed earlier this after noon… before I had dinner, went upstairs to my laptop with my new jewellery and a tape measure… and fell asleep >.<

Oh well, my nap was lush at least- musta really needed that sleep!

Earlier today I went to B.E.S.T (Broxtowe Educational Skills and Training) and all systems are go! =D Dad asked “isn’t there one closer to home?…” as the B.E.S.T trip involves:
– 30 min trip from home to tram/ 15 min bus to tram
– 10 min Tram to Bulwell tram station
– Tram station to bus station= 3 only mins
– 15 min Bus to Denton

However, Hucknall College (35 min walk/ 18 min bus) only does flower arranging, beauty therapy and hairdressing… where are all the high hopes for Hucknall!?

Dads WHOLE question was “Isn’t there one closer to home, like in Nottingham?”… That ain’t closer… and it’s fecking bustling! B.E.S.T however is LOVELY, intimate, once a week and not at all busy. WOOP! =D

Today I just went for an induction and to do some Diagnostics so they know what Level I’m at =D… I DID tell various people, “If they lose my coursework or go in to hospital then I’m giving up!” and they DID lose the Diagnostics I did the last time I was there… however, I’m letting this one go and sticking to the courses with firm optimism.

Last night, at Dee’s home, we talked a little bit about Synesthesia (we don’t have it but I kind of wish I did) and, according to Wiki, Ida Maria, John Mayer, Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) an Pharell (N.E.R.D) fella and Aphex Twin all have it.

I didnt make this but it makes me swoon

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February 9, 2010 at 6:21 pm

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