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Crafter’s house!: Morag

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Haha, should I make this an regular feature? I only go to Dee’s and Morag’s homes… other than my own of course… I’d run out of homes to visit, pretty quickly, even if friends gave permission.. Who else’s homes could I beg to take picturs of? Sarah? She’s a cool person and creative with clothes. Alyn? Home of an artist/sculptor! Stefan (Teffybum), my brother, he’s a creative fella! Mine?… hmm…. Sarah’s neighbour? Yup, already getting creepy…

I have a bra that’s JUST like that curtain’s print! Does Morag make lingerie for Ceriso at M&S?

VERY YUMMY fruit cake- she soaked the fruit in tea and honey first and added nutmeg. YUM! Best fruit cake ever? We’ll see…

By the way; Alyn has an irrational (I say) phobia (that’s what I call it) of the texture of sultanas. And so wouldn’t partake in eating a slice of this cake. PFFT! Tough! More for us lot!

Needles and pom poms!
I swiped a looonnnnggg 4mm knitting needle from that vase, some string, and used the two bits to hold up a droopy plant in Morag’s kitchen. Craft meets gardening?

I made some of those FOUR I think. Origami boxes glued to lights. I LOVE these! I might have to nab the materials to make some for myself!

This lace knit is called Trefoil. I learned how to do it before Christmas XD

❤ some lace knits!

And THAT’s the end.

Written by Cherise

February 2, 2010 at 2:07 am

Posted in Craft & Creativity

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