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Bead making from pop bottles!

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Last night I travelled/walked to Morag’s home where I would experiment with her and Alyn in the kitchen and figure out how to make plastic beads- simply using plastic bottles, scissors, a pan of boiled water… and a SPOON (for fishing out the end results =])

Materials Needed:
– Plastic bottles! Small? Big? WHAT EV’s! Different colours too!
– Marker pens (silver, gold, black, blue, red and green… Sharpies even come in a myriad of pretty colours like orange, purple and teal!)
– Pan
– Kettle full of water.
– Scissors! (‘careful!)

– Boil the kettle.

– Cut the bottles in to strips! Feel free to experiment with lengths! Shapes! All sorts! =D In our experimentations we found that if we wanted to make beads we had to cut BIG bottles in to strips horizontal (width) ways, BUT cut little bottles in to strips vertical (length) ways.

– Pour boiled water from kettle in to the pan, place on a low heat!

– Colour in and/or draw lines and patterns on to plastic strips

– Holding one end, slowly draw the plastic strips one by one- in to the hot water.

twizzly fun! (note the updated finger plaster found at Morag’s)

– Excited? They should spin quite quickly and roll up in to beady cylinders! =D EXCELLENT XD *ahem* But, speaking as a 21-year-old who did this with two middle-aged friends, we were all very happy to play with these for a long while- taking it in turns to cut strips and lower them in to water, colouring them in before hand, experimenting!

Some more!:

Some went scibblypob during our experimentation of vertical/horizontal/diagonal strips.

Scibblypob- my scat word. Made it up.

Oh YEAH! LAST step:

– Fish them out with a SPOON…and dont drop the spoon in to the pan… ouch.

See Alyn’s hand? Yup, got the PROPPA sculptor artisty person to do crafts. MWHAHAHAHHA. addictive!

The green bottle was a small 7up bottle, the clear bottle was a biiiig IrnBru bottle, so oui, this the in the result of what we did, as you can see we ASSUMED we knew in which direction to cut the small green bottle but the results were opposite from the large clear bottle. all we did was made some slightly leaky green straws- rather than twirly whirly beads.


Written by Cherise

February 2, 2010 at 1:45 am

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