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Arts On Prescription <3

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I LOVE Love love love Arts on Prescription… of A on P/AonP.

Here’s what I did in the first week:


This is my plaque/ tile thingy-whosit! See the faint pattern on it? Under that is two-sided sticky-tape which holds on an array of sequins, foam shapes, string, wire to make the faint patterns that you see here.

Haha, I should have probably taken pictures along the way. RIGHT! So I did a rubbing with the crayon then enhanced sections, did even more rubbing for other textures, coloured in with water-colour pencils, felt tips, crayons, fine liner pens for details etc.  I just went crazy- playing with EVERYTHING I could find and adding it to a small bit of paper =P

HERE began my love of sequins.

So I rummaged through Jade’s tub of sequins, picked out these sizely fellas, placed them like this, placed paper on top and got rubbing with a crayon!

This is just what I did at the end of “class”, but I just picked out details, did it all swirly, flowery- slightly thorny from a medieval arts style book that Jade had brought in to inspire us.

I’m known at A on P for decorative/ arts and crafty styles. Jade calls it fantasy.


This week we played with layering tissue paper and oil pastels- picking out details with BLEACH, felt tips and metallic pens =D

ahem… it DID get to a point where Jade joke “oh! she’s found the sequins again!”
This is inspired by the INFAMOUS chinese picture of a wave; which seems subtle in the way of colour, but then has lots of sharp edges and harsh liney detail.

I did this as a mountain with POINTY bits (notice the tiny pointy confetti too?) and the orbs around it as a colourful sky (ahem, if you saw the other enteries, you’d know I SWOON at the sight of pretty skies =P). I then used bleach to take away bits, but to add a patterny detail- slightly indinay detail, because bright indiany colours and patterns and I are in LOVE.

Did you notice that it’s 2:40am and even WITH spell checker my words are going awry? haha.

And then at the end of “class” I did this!:

This is just where I can rush and make something using bits I didnt dare use earlier in “class”, where I can dar use new colours and things that may not go well. So in THIS picture I’ve used some oil pastels (which plesantly suprised me). I wasn’t keen on oil pastels in the past- used to be a chalk pastel snob only- but now I very much enjoy the smudging and blending =D

Mais oui, in this pic I drew bits from Elma’s work- Elma found that she could paste tissue over her pen drawing and still see the outline clearly! I then shaded in the leaves slightly with oil pastels. Smudges and crinkled what I could. Just played a little bit.

The END! again. One… two blogs more. Then I’ll go to bed!

Written by Cherise

February 2, 2010 at 2:47 am

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