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Mecking a book, innit.

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Heyup me duck!

Right, so… it’s Sunday, feeling blue, listening to Jon Richardson on the radio, going to Morag’s later for food, music and creativity with Alyn and possibly Magsy Malone, haven’t yet had breakfast, just being anti social indoors, up stairs, in me jimjams (check-out my Hucknall/Mansfield dialogue!).

I’mmmm making a book… usiinggg….

A MASS of old papers!

Such assss old appointment letters, old CVs etc, all of which have only been printed on to on ONE side

My old Hatch Programme (Hatch is an IMMNSE even that had me running around, clutching my event programme and making me look like a wild wide-eyed child searching for Santa Clause!)… ahem… so … yeah, again, only has print on one side. But seriously – GO TO HATCH!

I think the pinks will look good, mixed somewhere in there with all the white and cream papers =]

OLD ENVELOPES! It’s not like I can re-use them is it!?!?! Well… maybe I could… but I *shamefully* hardly EVER send letters… and it saves them from the recycling bin =]

Look at the browns! and the white ones have light blue print on the other side! If only I thought to do this with my old Christmas card envelopes!- COLOUR EXTREME!

MUSIC PAPERS! …Okay… so I could find these a new home… possibly with Nat Duncan, Baby Godzilla… The Shakes? but I’m  a bitch and want to use these to make interesting book pages. X-P < “screwing up face and sticking out my tongue like an eight year old” face.

… and besides, I’m not using MANY of them… *pout*

And FINALLY (say I can’t start a sentence with “and”? Try and stop me!)

…old notebook papers- I get given SO many flipping note books… my mum likes to haunt around Wilkos sales, even the before school sales, she then gives my nieces (her grand kids) LOTSA bobs and bits ready for school… but then gives me some books too… for some reason… anyone notice I’m 21? 22 in April… not sure I need school supplies…

So, these notebooks get wretchedly neglected, their wirery spines get all bent out of shape, the books rarely get used except for some errant words or phone numbers…

So I cut them to shape to FIT inside…

…a novelty sized cereal box!… I know, but humour me? Okay. In a book about making books I saw a set of books which had been made with covers from a novelty kid set of cereals.

I’m not sure it’s really, honest to god recycling if you buy something JUST to break it and make it in to something new- with a novelty look.

Anyway, just so you know, the cereals cost one pound something for 8 or 10 little boxes of cereal, most of which were awful and sugary… I’m SO sorry, I feel like I’m being a poo head today…

Maybe it was just karma that this happened…



So yes *cough* 20+ year olds, get your parents permission before using scissors.

And be careful when cutting papers to size to fit in your book.

And have some plasters in the house. I don’t. So this is the embarrassing result:

… I couldn’t find cellotape either. So holographic christmas tape, I suppose, is the next best thing.

Shh! Don’t tease me *hides*.

So… here I am with my needle and embroidery thread. I could probably use normal thread/cotton but I’m angsty, possibly from listening to blues music, so if it snapped I might scream.

Wish me luck? I’m bound to have many accidents with this needle.

I’ll be back with the result later today, or even tomorrow!

FEWK! Nearly half 2pm! I should go shower, dress, eat, and get on my way to Mystic Morag’s.



“Go AWAY Jon Bonamassa! I might CRY!… *clicks OK Go* Ahh… that’s better…”

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January 31, 2010 at 2:27 pm

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