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Here’s the sunshine! (more dark, sunny pics)

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Some older pics, because, as bad and blue as I feel, for the past week I’ve bounced off the walls with energy and walking most places to get rid of said energy and to try to calm myself. SO, with my jacket, trainers, hat and MP3 player, off I roam…

1st: Candle at The Broadway. It’s the demon of the design that it’s quite drafty in there, so I held this.

2: At arts on Prescription: It was good to see Julie again- she’s the artist’s assistant, known for loving red and wearing… red, having blonde curly hair, her creativity and her trouble with parallel parking ; P.

The new teacher is Jade! I recognised her from when I volunteered at The Art Organisation; Jade worked with Samanya. Jade’s been to Uni, she’s funky and cool and once met a Spanish theatre group, left her boring work that was making her feel blue and left for Spain with said theatre group to make and paint their props!

In our first session last week we did Frottement which, Jade said, “sounds naughty”, but then she told us it was french for “rubbing”… which we all- cheekily- agreed sounded more naughty.

So yes, we did rubbing- making a tile/stamp on card with two-sided sticky tape, sticking down string, sequins, foam shapes- ALL SORTS on to the two-sided tape and card. We then put a couple of layers of paper on to the plaque- one to stay stuck there and the other on top that would show the crayon rubbing patterns! Once we were left with crayon rubbings we embellished and decorated- picking out and enhancing  and decorating sections using pencils, crayons, water-colour pencils etc, all sorts! or even doing more rubbing to create even more textures. I’ll take a picture of what I did and add it here during my next ‘class’.

I think I’m braver than I was last year; a certain tricky person is no longer in the group and I can no just go “right, explore, go mad, do all that comes to mind” so last off I did a rubbing from these sequins and embellished on the resulting patterns by drawing flowers and vines.

ahem, SO THIRD picture: a bird.. . while walking on my pensive, twitchy way in to Hucknall via back streets and empty paths. This summarises my walks nicely.

The rest of the pictures were taken while I was stood at Bulwell tram stop. People tend to look down on Bulwell, and while I didnt like the company on the bus ride from Bulwell Station to Denton, I LOVE Bulwell’s charity shops, and I’m not sure it matters where I am for me to love and enjoy the sun, reflections of the sun and the silhouette of lovely items in front of it.

Lastly; an oxymoron: “have been”.

Written by Cherise

January 30, 2010 at 9:30 pm

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