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All you gave me was those store-bought bloooos

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So. I’m a crafter but this blog is hardly a grand crafting blog- I mean, I’m showing you old beading projects…. but posting pictures of latest musical shows. FAIL. Oh well, don’t hold it against me too much, will you WordPress?

SO MUSIC!: Recently Discovered Joe Bonamassa, it was on the front page of Spotify- in the artists that the grand machine may “think” I might enjoy. He (Joe) apparently, at only EIGHT years old opened for B. B. King! And by 12 playing around upstate New York. Artists are usually older and take longer to get themselves on the scene. I’m impressed by the guitars, the strong voice and blues put in to the songs =D.

Okay, so t’other night I went to some friend’s joint birthday Do at The Chameleon in Nottingham.

The Birthday Boys of the event are dearest sparkly Cauldwell and sweet poetic Alister! Stars who played the event (back to music again!?) were Natalie Duncan and her multi-skilled band. Natalie has an AMAZING voice that makes me so so jealous, but not only that; she’s a writing MACHINE (good match for Ali’, eh?) and plays piano beautifully! *pout* Have you clicked the link yet? DO! Listen! Admire!

Also, who played, The Shakes! They did covers of soul music that got us all, in our 1920s gear, standing, dancing, boogie-ing AND even some charleston-ing from the supreme Louise.

Better knock on wood, baby!

David Severn was there doing his skilled thang with his camera so I can’t wait to see pictures from the night! Good times with him, Sarah and Simona (who I hadn’t seen in so long!). Simona does damn cool art and is at Uni here in Notts. The sooner there are pictures of her and Dee’s skills to parade around the World Wide Web- the better!

OH! The party had a bit of a 1920s theme so silent movies and laurel and hardy played, projected on to a wall. Here’s an attempt at 1920’s make up.

pale skin, pink circle on each cheek, drawn on pointy (not pointy enough) lips and eff-loads of dark eye slap!

Right, I suppose I should make some valentines-ish things!- Yeah, I know- should have made, uploaded and marketed it all by now- but that’s never how I work >.<. AND I want to have a go at making a book… eventually…

Wish me luck?



Written by Cherise

January 30, 2010 at 5:06 pm

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