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Ahem. I’m ashamed at my OK Go fandom.

I looked over past enteries and promised my readers (Dee and whomever may stumble upon the blog- because she’s the only one I’ve shown it to so far!) a picture of the Argyle bracelet I speant a large amount of time designing and making!

Gemonie thing- I had a cat, Gemonie, when she passed away I went quiet and made this. A simple design.


And (cheaply) commissioned by Allanah:
DAGGERETTES cuff (Daggers is a band we love, Daggerettes are their followers)

She and I designed this solely by correspondence over Facebook! I then got to work bead weaving this piece for most of the hours that exist in a day until it was complete a week or so later! Very proud/happy! XD

NOW! For the ONE and ONLY *drom roll*
Argyle Heart Bracelet!


At the end is a black and red beaded (very full) flower <3love<3

Adam Green LOVES my bracelet! See?

I, at the time of making, put this design on my Facebook so that I could access the pattern from the internet at The Art Organisation and the Library =D AND as pointed out (on facebook) by my sister Michaela, SHE helped me adjust the design =D

When I design these, agonizing over every single little dot that represents each bead, I tend to have moment’s where ONE DOT make’s me go nutty and stops me in my track, I then post the designs to a very understanding friend or family member to ask their preference and opinion.

Written by Cherise

January 28, 2010 at 3:06 pm

Posted in Craft & Creativity

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