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So sleepy….

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Okay, so maybe this isn’t the best time to update but it’s 16 minutes to 1am and I feel like typing!

I just got off the phone to Dee *waves* and she complimented my blog writing- ignoring our pet peeve of bloggers who hardly ever update *cough* Me *cough*

SO, what has happened in Cherise’s World…

Ahem! I’m a happy little Toaster! I went to see OK Go! … Shut up, their music’s brilliant and fantastic!

Also I made some hand warmers that I have yet to take pictures of, but I heart them and they keep me company on my walks!

I’ll try not to wait so long before updating and giving the internet more tasty, colourful, pixely morsels of pictures!

Good Night/ Bon Nuit

Written by Cherise

January 28, 2010 at 12:58 am

Posted in Craft & Creativity

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