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Hi, on the phone with my friend Dee… ooh! now I’m not!

Gosh, my New Years hooseywotsit…um (psst!: what’s it called?!) ahem, oh yeah,  to be more organised is my New Years Resolution … When I was at Dee’s house on December the 22nd and she asked me that question, on my response she giggled and said “organised….*eye roll*” … Yes, she knows as well as the rest of us that creative people such as our selves aren’t organised creatures; we’re ‘Orgaised Chaos’ type people! And slightly reclusive *speaks for self*

So, the connection between this blog and Me chatting on the telephone to Dee? Well, I, bookish geek I am, have bought Myself a diary/planner for this year and have written in the notes a To Do List of:

1: Make the bed and surrounding area.
2: Sort mail- Stuff to be shredded and letters/appointments to be kept.
3: Get an action file- holds letters, notes, bills, To Do lists!
4: USE DIARY! Plan appointments, social outings and work hours.
5: Daily To Do List: Write out each day tasks
6: Manage clutter for 10-20 minutes a day or check for items in the wrong place before leaving the room.
7: Do flea markets of ‘junk’ and unwanted gifts, outgrown toys and things I’ve no use for.
8: Do chores while on the phone- handsy things like washing pots, cooking, organising clothes and misplaced items.
9: Make organising fun- music while cooking, dance while dusting etc, reward self with a telly show etc.

This list comes from Cut Out and Keep’s Online Zine– one of the older issues.

Mais oui, my point: I really didn’t type as much as I could have while on the phone to Dee… guess I’m not as good at multi-tasking as I claim!

So! Chatting with Dee reminded me that I hadn’t updated on my ZigZag Necklace task that turned out to be much more than a task that I ever expected, looking at the picture.

and so, here’s a picture of my result:

Also- ch-ch-check out my rare tan! Credited to holiday in Rhodes *drool seeps from lips* ahem, yes, well… the fella was very pleases with his gifts for his wife (I made a matching bracelet too! he was a very happy chappy) Merry Christmas to “Tommo”, her Mummy and Step-Daddy, with seasons greetings from “Kittie”.

May Your Days Be Merry And Bright…
(I’m surprisingly happy that this Christmas is white!)

But for those that go to the bookies hoping to win a seasonal bet: Does it count as a white Christmas if it snows for days beforehand and then the Sun comes out on Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day?

I ask this because I watched this on Christmas Eve night with my dad- we’re Mark Watson fans, but I also like Paul Kaye and Ruth Jones.

Cuddly cosy warm Christmas to you all, have fun playing with your toys *cough* yarn *cough* craft goods *cough* whatever else creative… the list goes on!



Written by Cherise

December 28, 2009 at 12:47 am

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    Chet Jedrey

    January 12, 2010 at 2:01 am

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