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YEAH! AND! To you lot who do Blogs that I like and enjoy reading AND do a TONN of pretty crafts and then upload pictures of them to said blog, update every few days, have kids to take to school and shopping to do and a billion other things to do and still fit it all in to your busy day… I HATE YOU!

*sheds imaginary tear*

Mais oui. I don’t know how to do all that. I don’t know how to care about/for a blog or do anything that isn’t an action as easy as *make complex item**cook*take pictures*make complex item*cook….* and so on.

I look after ME and sometimes our three dogs, one cat and sometimes poorley mum, but basically, it’s all about ME and I haven’t even the time to do every thing I “need” to in one day.

SO…ahem. Sorry.

I have family visiting right now (three youngest nieces) theyre aged about 12, 14 and 20. The 20-year-old, Collette (or ketty-bum as we once knew her), has two kiddy-winks of whom I am very fond =D

This is a (terrible!) photo from the last or second to last time they visited.

Mum, my eldest sister, my second to eldest niece and my two great grand nieces!

hmm, I’m sure I have a better one than that somewhere….

SO! I did a craft fayre on Sunday, it was luuurvely! Just what the doctor ordered- some sweet crafters and hard work put in to every stall, lots of hand-made items to make my eyes so VERY happy! and bits and bobs that I spent some of my profits on, ready for christmas gifts and cards. Not only that but  face painting and Christmas carols on a CD! and it was indoors, and warm in a lovely old hall. Made me feel all warm and christmassy inside, with my packed lunch of cheese and marrow chutney sarnies, orange juice, free coffee and a spiced biccy nicked by Dee from a café in Hucknall! Numnumnum!

Written by Cherise

December 14, 2009 at 11:46 pm

Posted in Craft & Creativity

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